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Sannsi Automotive is an authorized Max Tune Dealer.   This enables us to carry out a professional & reliable remapping service. 

We are able to offer stage 1 & 2 remaps, and also offer solutions to rectify EGR or DPF problems. 
(stage 2 remap with require additional upgrades) 

Other services include Speed limiter removal, Fault code removal & Crackle maps ( subject to availability)


Our Remap packages are a great way to unleash your cars true potential.  

Performance Tuning:


Max Tune performance engine remapping software is written for each individual vehicle thus achieving great results.

A turbocharged performance remap will improve your vehicle’s power and torque by up to 35%, providing better acceleration, sharper throttle response, and greater pulling power offering you a smoother and more exciting drive.

Non-Turbo (normally aspirated) vehicles can produce an increase of up to 10% in power and torque, and whilst these gains are lower than achieved in a turbo vehicle, there will still be a noticeable improvement in throttle response & mid-range torque.

Economy Tuning 

An ECO map is essentially a softened version of a stage 1. It is designed for a slight power increase along with ‘up to’ 20% more fuel efficiency. This does of course vary vehicle to vehicle, depending on driving style, engine condition and mileage. This is only available for diesels.

*What are the power gains?* The estimated gains are HALF of a stage 1.


Stage 1 = +30hp and +50nn of torque.

ECO = +15hp and +25nm of torque.

The Process is done in 4 steps :

Step 1: A health check is performed using the latest diagnostics equipment to insure your vehicle is in good condition before remapping.  

Step 2 : The original file from the vehicles ECU  (electronic control unit) is then copied via the OBD port.

Step 3 : The copied ECU file is then sent of to Max Tune and re written for your desired request.

Step 4 : Once returned the re-mapped file is then uploaded back onto your ECU and the changes are instantly available. 

The Re-mapping process can take up to 2 hours. ( Can take longer if other requests are made, i.e. EGR or DPF Calibrations & Speed Limiter Removal) 

Services Available :  


To find out what we can do for your vehicle,  get in touch on 01494 452377 - 07722 806741

Or drop an email to with your registration number . 


Prices from £200